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Nu Mex Sandia Select Pepper Seeds

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Nu Mex Sandia Select-(Capsicum annuum)-In 2001 growing and breeding trials started with the mission to produce a Sandia pepper that had thicker walls as the Sandia is thin and great for drying but not suitable for roasting, stuffing etc. After breeding and selection for over a decade they finally got the desired traits of a thicker walled pod with same type of flavor. They also improved productivity and heat level on some samples was recorded higher than the original Sandia. The original Sandia is around 7,000 SHU and the Nu Mex Sandia Select came in at 9,000 SHU. The Nu Mex Sandia Select are ideal for roasting green but if you want that easier to dry flavorful Red Sandia powder then the original Sandia is for you. Try both! The Nu Mex Sandia Select Chile plants grow up to 2 feet tall.