NuMex Jalmundo Pepper 10 Seeds


NuMex Jalmundo Pepper seeds

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Jalmundo-(Capsicum annuum)-To start with the history Jalapenos were named after the Mexican city of Xalapa where they are still grown. The NuMex Jalmundo was created over many years by first crossing a Keystone Giant Bell with an Early Jalapeno by the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. Finally seeds were released 2010-2011. The results of this breeding project was a large jumbo sized Jalapeno that had a good heat level of 17,000 SHU and was more productive and disease resistant. It is noted that lack of water in hotter summers will produce smaller than usual peppers. The NuMex Jalmundo averages about 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. They have more a crunchy wall and some sweetness like a bell. But still have that Jalapeno flavor. These are ideal for making Jalapeno poppers and fresh salsa. The NuMex Jalmundo chile plants average 30 inches tall.