Olho de Peixe Salmao Pepper Seeds


Olho de Peixe Salmoa Pepper Seeds

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Olho de Peixe Salmao-(Capsicum chinense)-the Olho de Peixe Salmao pepper comes to us from the Amazon Basin Rainforests of Brazil. It is considered a wild type similar in looks to other wild types like Chilitepin or Aji Charapita. The Name Olho de Peixe means “Fisheye” in the Portuguese language which describes the majority of small round chile types native to Brazil. The word Salmao (Salmon) describes the pinkish color of the chile fruit. This pepper grows in large clusters sometimes over 40 peppers bunched together. At a distance they look like pink- or salmon-colored flowers. They are size of a very small pea. The Olho de Peixe Salmao chile plants can grow into large shrub like bushes over 3 feet wide and 5 feet tall. The heat is at habanero level and the flavor is slightly fruity with citrus tones. They peppers are used to season meats and sauces.

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