Orange Lesya Pepper Plants


Orange Lesya Pepper Plants

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Orange Lesya-(Capsicum annuum)-The Orange Lesya pepper comes to us from Ivanna Bilous of the Ukraine. It was on her farm years ago the original Lesya pepper came from which she selectively bred. As of 2021 the original Lesya has been growing over 15 years. Ivanna’s mother Nadiya named it after her friend Lesya. Ivanna in 2016 spotted the light orange variant of the red Lesya on her farm. She then did years of selection to maintain the light orange color and released the seeds in 2021 only in the Ukraine. I managed to talk to her through an interpreter and she sent me a few. I of course shared many types of other peppers with her as well. The Orange Lesya pepper has a pointy heart shape with very thick flesh. It is sweet and fruity with no heat at all. The Orange Lesya peppers are great for stuffing, roasting, pickling and salads. The Orange Lesya chile plants grow just over 2 feet tall and require staking due to heavy fruit set.

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