Pasilla Apaseo Chile Plants


Pasilla Apaseo Chile Plants

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Pasilla Apaseo-(Capsicum annuum)-The Pasillo Apaseo pepper is a Native chile from the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Like other Native chiles it is not grown as much because there is a higher demand for more commercial chiles like Guajillo and Chihuacle Negro. The Pasilla Apaseo chiles have a sweetness with some smoke flavor. They are excellent roasted while still dark green. When sold fresh they are called Chilaca but when dried or smoke-dried go by their given name Pasilla. The Pasilla Apaseo chiles ripen from dark green to brown. They can be used as seasoning for almost anything as they have such a great depth of flavor. Just one will change an average sauce, stew, or soup into an amazing dish! The Pasilla Apaseo peppers average over 8 inches long and over an inch wide. The Pasilla Apaseo chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and are very productive.


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