Peach Starrkist Chile Plants


Peach Starrkist Chile Plants

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Peach Starrkist-(Capsicum chinense)-The Peach Starrkist pepper is an off type of variant of the Lemon Starrburst. They are not as flat saucer shaped as the Lemon Starrburst but still will produce some tails at bottom of pods. We theorize that the coloring and shape of these is the Bahamian Goat genetics expressing themselves. The Bahamian Goat is one of the parents of the Lemon Starrburst cross. The Peach Starrkist has a rose to orange color like the Goat. The flavor notes are citrus fruity, and the heat is mid to upper-level habanero heat level. They will be great in sauces, salsa and dried seasoning. The Peach Starrkist chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and are very productive.

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