Pimenta Caixo Pepper Seeds


Pimenta Caixo Pepper Seeds

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Pimenta Caixo-(Capsicum chinense)-The Pimenta Caixo pepper comes to us from Brazil. It is a rare but beautiful chile that grows in clusters that make it look like a type of flower! They ripen from light green to peach and have a pointed bullet shape under an inch in length. The heat level is close to mild habanero heat and is not overpowering. The flavor also is fruity with just the perfect amount of sweetness. The Pimenta Caixo chiles produce cluster after cluster of chiles if you continue to pick on a regular basis. They are great for pickling, stir fry, sauces and fresh salsa! The Pimenta Caixo Chile plants grow up to 3 feet tall. 10+ Seeds

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