Pimenta Moranga Cross Red


Pimenta Moranga Cross Red Chile Seeds

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Pimenta Moranga Cross Red-(Capsicum chinense)-The Pimenta Moranga is a very prolific small chile from Brazil. Growers Jes Christiansen from Denmark and Chris Fowler from Wales had an accidental cross which they believe was a Naga type pepper crossed into a Pimenta Moranga. The result was longer pods with more of a Naga shape instead of a smaller teardop shape. Also extreme amounts of nodes branching out to create abnormally large amounts of peppers. This is the Red variant. There is also a Purple and in 2015 a Peach color surfaced. The heat level is above average habanero heat and the flavor is very sweet. If you want a variety that gives you lots of peppers and is fun to grow than you will love this one! The Pimenta Moranga Cross chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.