Pippins Golden Honey Chile Plants


Pippins Golden Honey Chile Plants

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Pippins Golden Honey-(Capsicum annuum)-The Pippins Golden Honey pepper comes to us because of the love of peppers by a man named Horace Pippin. Horace was an African American folk artist who depicted the life and struggles of his people during the early 19th century. He was known for sharing seeds of peppers and spices with his friends. One of his friends was William Woys Weaver’s grandfather. A decade after his  grandfather’s death he discovered the seeds of various peppers in baby Food jars in his grandmother’s basement freezer. The labels on the jars had pepper names and the name Pippin. William then grew out those seeds and shared them with many people today! The Pippins Golden Honey chile Ripens from dark black purple to an orange reddish brown color. The chiles average 3 to 5 inches in length. They are overly sweet and have no heat at all. They are great for pickling, salads, sauces, and mild salsa. The Pippin’s Golden Honey Chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.

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