Piranha Pepper Seeds


Piranha Pepper Seeds

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Piranha Pepper-(Capsicum chinense)-The Piranha pepper also known as JD Piranha is an off variant of the Marions Scotch Bonnet. You take a bite out of this scorching pepper, and it takes a Piranha bite out of you!! It has a slight resemblance to a Moruga Scorpion but also can get elongated and even get a very short pointy tail at the lower tip. The heat is close to superhot levels from a burn feel but we don’t think it is as high in SHU as other red superhot variants. The flavor is very fruity, and the production is excellent. The production of the Piranha pepper is similar to Scotch Bonnets. The Piranha chile plants grow over 5 feet tall so they will need some staking or support. This is not a man-made cross. This is a red variant of a yellow type that is most likely a result of a recessive gene as yellow is a recessive gene in yellow. 10+ Seeds

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