Pockmark Peach Pepper Seeds


Pockmark Peach Pepper Seeds

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Pockmark Peach-(Capsicum chinense)- The Pockmark Peach pepper is another cross between the Bhut Jolokia and the Pimenta De Neyde. There is also an Orange variant as well. This cross of these two peppers has been done many times by many people. This one was crossed by Jason Richards of Australia. It was named by another grower from Australia named Alice Lennard.  It gets its name because of the blotches or marks that are blackish or purple over the underlying color of peach. And many times, the marks will go away with full ripening. The shapes of the pepper vary as it is not very consistent. You may get elongated naga type pods or round pods. The outer skin surface can vary from almost smooth to very bumpy. The Pockmark Peach chile heat level is close to Ghost pepper and the flavor is fruity with mild earthy tones. Some may say smoky. Peppers can range in size from a dime to a golfball depending on growing conditions. The Pockmark Peach chile plants are very productive and grow just over 4 feet tall. 10+ Seeds

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