Primotalii Chile Plants


Primotalii Chile Plants

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Primotalii-(Capsicum chinense)-The Primotali pepper is a cross between the 7 Pot Primo and the Yellow Fatalii. Also spelled Primotailii. One of the first growers to attempt this cross is grower Chris Saunders of the United Kingdom. Another grower who has grown it for the past few years consistently is Tom Motta of Allegheny City Farms Sauce company. He was the first person to incorporate it into a hot sauce formula in America. The unique characteristic of this pepper is a high percentage of the chiles will develop exceedingly long skinny tails at the bottom end of the pepper. The Primotalli chiles ripen from green to red and have an above level of superhot heat which makes them just as hot if not hotter than Reapers or Scorpions. The flavor is fruity citrus but not too fruity. Some may say slightly floral or earthy but that depends on one’s pallet. The Primotalii chile plants grow just over 3 feet tall.

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