Purple Cacho White Leaf Chile Plants


Purple Cacho White Leaf Chile Plants

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Purple Cacho White Leaf-(Capsicum annuum)-The Purple Cacho White Leaf Pepper is cross made by my friend Jes in Denmark. It is a cross between the Purple Tiger (Origin unknown) and the Cacho Negro from Costa Rica.  The Purple Tiger ripen to Purple and red and the Cacho Negro is a brown mild chile. The result is very productive chile that ripens from purple to red. This one has white variegated leaves and grows smaller plants and produces less peppers than the Purple Tiger Cacho Negro variant with green leaves. Also, this variant produces peppers that sometimes get striping and multiple colors like the Tiger jalapeno. The flavor is slightly fruity, and the heat level is at Jalapeno heat level. The Purple Tiger Cacho Negro Chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.


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