Puya Pepper Seeds


Puya Pepper Seeds

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Puya Pepper-(Capsicum annuum)-The Puya Pepper also called the Pulla Pepper comes to us from the Central valleys of Mexico close to the huge Metropolis of Mexico City. These valleys were the home to the Ancient Aztec civilization and before them the Toltecs. Archaeological diggings in these valleys show proof that this ancient peoples used chiles in their cuisine along with beans and corn thousands of years ago. The Puya peppers are often sold dried in the Mexican markets and then later ground into powders to add to dishes or mixed with water to be made into a paste. They have a similar diverse flavor like Guajillo chiles but have cayenne level pungency and more sweet fruity flavor tones than the Guajillo or closely related Chile De Arbol. The Puya chile peppers ripen from green to red then a dark crimson red when picked late. They can get up to 4 inches long and about ½ inch in width. The Puya or Pulla peppers can be used as a seasoning like a pizza topping or for roasting various meats. Great for adding to soups and stews as well. When still fresh add into your salsa for a nice fruity kick! The Puya chile plants grow over 4 feet tall and are very productive! 10+ Seeds

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