Rayados Jalapeno Pepper Seeds


Rayados Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

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Rayados Jalapeno-(Capsicum annuum)-The Rayados Jalapeno pepper comes to us from Hidalgo, Mexico. It is an heirloom variety I obtained from my customer Enrique Lopez who got them from his tenant Jehu Perez that brought them back from Mexico. They have a good hot Jalapeno level of heat but more depth of flavor than most other Jalapeno types. Even has some fruity flavor tones! The Rayados Jalapeno chiles ripen from green to red and have a broader shoulder width close to the stem. Most Jalapeno types maintain the same width throughout the length of the pepper. Also, the stems and leaves have some fuzziness on them which is usually seen only with Pequin or Serrano chile types. So maybe many years ago one of these types crossed with a native jalapeno? Other characteristics are the noticeable cracks or corking lines seen at the end of ripening phase like the other native Jalapeno we know called Zapotec Jalapeno. The Rayados Jalapenos are great for snacking, poppers, stuffing, pickling, sauces and salsa. The Rayados Jalapeno chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.  10+ Seeds

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