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Scotch Brain-(Capsicum chinense)-This is the result of a 2012 cross of the Scotch Bonnet with the Yellow Brainstrain pepper. Created by Scotch Bonnet fanatic Greg from The Hot Pepper Forum groups. His friend Stefan from the Netherlands has been helping him grow it since 2013. It is now an F5 generation pepper. It has the beautiful Scotch Bonnet shape but bummpy skin texture like the Brainstrain. The flavor is Citrus fruity and is amazing. Heat level is higher that a Scotch Bonnet but it is a smooth heat that builds. This and the Scotch Freeport Orange are in my Top 5 for flavorful hot peppers. The Scotch Brain chile plants average over 3 feet tall and produce very well. They ripen from green to yellow and yellow orange in later stages.