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Sweet Apple-(Capsicum annuum)- Also known as Sweet Apple Kambe. The alma paprika is nicknamed the “Hot apple”. They resemble small tomatoes and are classified in Eastern Europe as Pimento Cheese type peppers. The label Cheese peppers goes back a few hundred years to Spain. The Spaniards used many of these mild sweet Pimento type peppers to color and flavor Artisan cheeses and thats why they got the name cheese peppers. The Sweet Apple can get over 5 inches in diameter and almost 3 inches thick! The size of an average Heirloom tomato! They ripen from creamy white and get an orange blush later. If left on the plants too long they will ripen to an orange red, Best time to pick is after orange blush sets in. They are very sweet and can be used in salads. stir fry, mild sauces, roasted or stuffed. A hint if you stuff. Cook your stuffing mixture first and then fill pepper and roast for a short time. They will get very soft if you cook too long. The Sweet Apple chile plants grow just over 2 feet tall.