Sweet Jalapeno Pepper 10 Seeds


Sweet Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

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Sweet Jalapeno-(Capsicum annuum)-The Sweet Jalapeno is not your ordinary no heat regular Jalapeno. There are a few varieties bred that are no heat Jalapenos but they just have ordinary Jalapeno flavor. The Sweet Jalapeno does have a small or mild amount of heat. But also has a Jalapeno flavor with sweetness mixed in!! To get the most flavor from these it is suggested to harvest when red. The Sweet Jalapeno peppers are about 2 inches long and a half inch wide. They are great for fresh salsas, Pickling, stuffing, roasting and salads. Finally a flavorful Jalapeno the lightweights can enjoy, because not everyone is a fire eater!! The Sweet Jalapeno chile plants grow to 2 feet tall and are very heavy bearing.