Thunder Cacho Red Chile Plants


Thunder Cacho Red Chile Plants

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Thunder Cacho Red-(Capsicum annuum)- The Thunder Cacho Red pepper is a cross developed by master grower Jes Christiansen of Denmark. The Thunder Mountain Longhorn from China is an exceedingly long noodle looking cayenne type that can get over 12 inches in length. The Cacho Negro is a mild brown colored pepper from Costa Rica. Together they have made two different new peppers. This one here ripens from green to red and grows close to the length of the Thunder Mountain Longhorn (TMLH). Except it is much thicker, straight, and smooth not wrinkly and twisty shaped like the parent TMLH. So, it can be more versatile than the TMLH which is thinner and dries when it ripens to full color. The Thunder Cacho Red chile is good for roasting, sauces, stir fry and dried seasoning powder. It has a mild heat level and fruity nutty flavor tones. The Thunder Cacho Red chile plants grow up to 4 feet tall and are very productive.


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