Tiger Jalapeno Pepper TM 10+ Seeds


Tiger Jalapeno Pepper Seeds

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Tiger Jalapeno TM-(Capsicum annuum)- The Tiger Jalapeno pepper is a cross between a Jalapeno and a Purple Tiger was first made by some unknown Italian growers. My friend Jes Christiansen obtained it from his good friend Jannik Nielsen a few years ago. The Purple Tiger is a beautiful purple Ornamental pepper that has a bitter earthy taste. However when crossed with a Jalapeno it gained a good flavor! The taste is described as a Jalapeno with a touch of sweetness. Also these peppers can get striping and one of the most beautiful color transitions I have ever seen. The Tiger Jalapeno produce average size Jalapeno type peppers. They grow pointing up but as they ripen and gain weight will hang down a bit. They are very productive and I will say again amazing to look at! But you can also eat them in salsas, poppers or salads! It is important to note here that majority of plants will produce peppers that ripen from dark purple to red with some striping as it transitions. But about 30% of the plants will produce smaller peppers that ripen to a multitude of color patterns and stripes with white variegated leaves. We hope that through plant selection over the next few years will produce a higher percentage of the multi color traits. The Tiger Jalapeno chile plants grow over 3 feet tall.