Tobago Seasoning Chile Seeds 10 seeds


Tobago Seasoning Chile seeds

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Tobago Seasoning-(Capsicum chinense)-The Tobago Seasoning pepper is traditionally used in Caribbean cooking when habanero fruity flavor is desired but without too much heat. The heat is barely 500 Scoville units far below that of an average Jalapeno. The Tobago Seasoning chile fruit average about an 1 inch in width and 2 inches long. They are blocky or lantern shaped. The Tobago Seasoning chiles ripen from green to orange and finally red. we must clarify that these are also called Trinidad seasoning peppers. The Trinidad Pimento is also called that. But the Trinidad Pimento is different in shape size and flavor. The Trinidad Pimento has an almost aromatic smell when cooking. While the Tobago seasoning has more heat and more fruitiness. The Tobago Seasoning pepper can be used in sauces, mild Jerk sauces, fresh salsa, soups, stews, salads and seasonings. The Tobago seasoning chile plants grow up to 3 feet tall.