Trinidad 7 Pot SR Strain Hot Pepper 10+ seeds


Trinidad 7 Pot SR Seeds

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The rare and elusive Trinidad 7 Pot Chile Pepper is making itself known to chile heads around the world. The Trinidad 7 Pot or Trinidad 7 Pod has been rumored to have as much more heat than the World Famous Bhut Jolokia. It is called the 7 Pot because it is rumored that one pepper can add heat and flavor to 7 pots of stew!!! If you can get past the heat it has a kind of fruity flavor. These seeds are the SR strain of 7 Pot which has a rough pimply texture on the outer skin. It is named SR for Sara Ragoonanan of Trinidad who exposed the chile world to many native Trinidad peppers in the past. We owe her a debt of gratitude for sharing with us many years ago. The Trinidad 7 Pot SR chile plants grow up to 5 feet tall.