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Trinidad 7 Pot Primo Peppers

Back in 2005 a man named Troy Primeaux (Nickname Primo) a Horticulturist and member of the Southern Rock band called Santeria from Lousiana grew out some of the first seeds of the Naga Morich in the United States. These seeds were obtained from his friend Mark in the U.K. who got the seeds from a market in Bangladesh. So Primo grew them out true.

Shortly afterwards he obtained some Trinidad 7 Pot seeds from a professor friend of his who got the seeds from an elderly woman in Trinidad. Primo then began crossing the two varieties and has since then grown them out for 6 generations. He still grows the chile plants out isolated in Greenhouses which he manages for LNPI (Louisiana Native Plant Initiative). He has seen little variation at this point. I have obtained seeds through his friend Christopher Philips.

The 7 Pot Primo can get very lumpy and distorted and even grow a skinny little tail. Like other 7 Pots it has a fruity/floral flavor and is extremely hot. It is safe to say that this pepper is a stable variety because it takes 6 to 7 generations to be stable and as of 2012 it will be in it’s seventh generation. Add to the fact that the man who crossed these two varieties is a genuine horticulturist working on projects for the State of Lousiana. I know there are quite a few varieties of red 7 Pot strains. But this one is worth growing in your garden. And while your at it do a web search for Primo’s band Santeria. They sound pretty good!

At Refining Fire Chiles we isolate our seed production plants to avoid cross-pollination with other chile species. If you want to grow your own chiles, you can purchase seeds right here, or full plants (April-July) and have fresh chiles by September.

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