Trinidad Dog Chile Seeds


Trinidad Dog Chile Seeds

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Trinidad Dog-(Capsicum chinense)-The Trinidad Dog Chile comes to us from Master Grower Rocco Maltesi of Italy. It is a large red superhot cross. We do not know what it’s from as Rocco has not shared that information. We wondered why we never heard about it. The answer is simple. Rocco does not have an easy site to navigate, and this pepper is on the last page. Willing to bet many did not take the time to load each page slowly one at a time. Fortunately, I did and saw this gem on the final page!! It is a burner no doubt!! It will hurt you more than most other red superhot types. The chiles can get rather large. They resemble a large 7 Pot types but occasionally we got twisted naga types on some of the plants. The flavor if you get past the heat is slightly fruity. The Trinidad Dog chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.

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