Turks Cap Chile Plants


Turks Cap Chile Plants

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Turks Cap-(Capsicum chinense)-The Turks Cap Pepper is a mild to medium heat whose origin is unknown. There are some sites that say it is used in Turkish cooking and that was made up and fabricated. Rumor has it may be from one of the Islands in the Caribbean. But let us say here what we do know. The shape of the Turkish Cap pepper resembles a Turkish turban or cap. It ripens from green to dark red and is very productive. It has fruity flavor tones, but it is not overwhelmingly too sweet. The Turkish cap chile is over an inch in width in the center and just under 2 inches in length. The flesh is thick enough for you to use as a stuffing chile with cheese. It would be great for salads, sauces, fresh salsa, or pickling. The Turks Cap chile plants are compact and bushy and average about two feet tall. They spread out a wide canopy with most of the chiles under the canopy.


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