Wrecking Ball x 7 Pot Brown 10 Seeds


Wrecking Ball 7 B Chile seeds

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Wrecking Ball x 7 Pot Brown-(Capsicum chinense)-This is another pepper of mass destruction created by Wisconsin grower Chad Soloeski. Also called Wrecking Ball 7 B for short. The original Wrecking Ball was a 7 Pot crossed with a Naga. Then he crossed it with the mean 7 Pot Brown. The result is huge superhot chiles that are full of capsaicin oil and look deadly. It does have a fruity flavor in the background. This is another chile we call a Reaper Killer. Because it burns way more. Try it yourself! The Wrecking Ball x 7 Pot Brown chile plants grow over 3 feet tall. The peppers ripen from green to red and are larger than golfball size.