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Yellow Pequin Pepper Seeds

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Yellow Pequin-(Capsicum annuum)-I can say with all confidence that the Yellow Pequin pepper as of 2018 is the rarest pepper to come out of Mexico. The popular Pequin is always red when ripe and nobody has seen the yellow recessive gene appear until now. So now Mexico has a small bird type that rivals the flavor of the famous Aji Charapita. It too has sweet citrus tones like the Charapita. But it grows into a bigger bush and is more productive. The Yellow Pequin originated in the state of Queretaro, Mexico, in the small town of San Miguel Palmas. This is a semi-desert area in central Mexico. It was discovered by a man name Jeronimo Hernandez, also known as “Chucho.” There is a red Pequin that grows in the wild in this area. Jeronimo has planted many seeds from these peppers in his home garden for his whole life and one of the plants ended up producing yellow fruit, which is extremely rare. About six years ago, he sent seed from this plant to his son who lives in South Carolina. His son also a farmer grew this out year after year under isolation netting and it stayed yellow. The Yellow Pequin tend to grow bigger than in the wild. This is due to more nutrients and water the plants get than in the wild. However, the peppers still have the same great flavor. The Yellow Pequin chile plants grow over 4 feet tall.