Yellow Siam Pepper 10+ Seeds


Yellow Siam Pepper Seeds

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Yellow Siam-(Capsicum annuum)-The Yellow Siam Pepper is a larger thicker delicious Asian type that grows peppers that hang down instead of pointing up like many common Thai peppers. Used in Indonesian, Thai and Chinese dishes. The peppers are 3 to 4 inches in length and ripen from green to bright golden yellow. If left on the plant too long they will get more of an orange yellow. These are not the milder Orange Thai and have a good level of Thai heat! The Yellow Siam chile plants grow very bushy and grow to an average height of 3 feet tall. To say the Yellow Siam is productive is an understatement. They just seem to produce more and more with no end in sight! The Yellow Siam pepper is great for stir fry, Seasoning powder and sauces. A few peppers will add heat and flavor to any soup, curry or stew. The Yellow Siam chile plants grow just over 2 feet tall.