Zebrange Pepper Seeds


Zebrange Pepper Seeds

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Zebrange-(Capsicum bacattum)-The Zebrange pepper is a delicious chile created by Belgium grower Laurent Minet. I obtained my seeds from Dr. Peter Merle. It is a cross between the Aji Fantasy (Light Yellow) and the Red Christmas Bell. The Christmas Bell is an odd shaped chiles also known as the Bishops Crown. The combination of these two chiles produces red and orange vertical striping on a pepper shaped like a bell. Not a Bell pepper but a bell. It has fruity flavor tones and mild heat below jalapeno level. The Zebrange chile is very productive but understand that it takes awhile to ripen with stripes. Some chiles on the plant will just ripen fully red. But we have observed that most will get pretty stripes. The Zebrange peppers are great for sauces, salsa, salads and pickling. The Zebrange chile plants grow over 5 feet tall and will need support or staking. 10+ Seeds

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