The Aji's

View all the varieties of peppers that are in the Aji family. Check them out below.

Aji Amarillo 2

The Aji’s

The Aji's are a family of peppers mostly native to Peru, Ecuador and Chile. But they are also found in other South American countries and Panama. They can be chinense, baccatum or annums. The annum varieties tend to have upfront heat while the others have flavor first with heat at the back end. Used extensively in South and Central American cooking they have a chinense type fruity flavor but much lower heat.

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Aji Amarillo 13
Aji Amarillo 4
The Aji’s

Aji Amarillo

Find out about all the different types of the Aji Amarillo Peppers. The Aji Amarillo is also called the Aji Rojo. The chiles ripen slowly from green to orange.

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The Aji’s

Aji Chombo

Find out about the Aji Chombo Peppers. The Aji Chombo is a red elongated habanero type from the Country of Panama located in Central America.

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Aji Chombo 14
Aji Chombo 9
Aji Golden 4
Aji Golden 3
Aji Golden 1
The Aji’s

Aji Golden

Find out about the Aji Golden Peppers. The Aji Golden is one of the most productive Aji’s and has a nice fruity taste.

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The Aji’s

Aji Lemon Drop

Find out about the Aji Lemon Drop Peppers. Also know as Aji Lemon and Hot Lemon Drop.

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Aji Lemon Drop 6
Aji Lemon Drop 7
Aji Panca 2
Aji Panca 7
Aji Panca 4
The Aji’s

Aji Panca

Find out about the Aji Panca pepper. The Aji Panca also known as the Aji Brown grows very large up to 6 inches in length and over and inch wide.

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The Aji’s

Aji Pineapple

Find out about the Aji Pineapple peppers. The Aji Pineapple is a rare variety that is named after it’s slightly Pineapple taste.

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Aji Pineapple 8
Aji Pineapple 3
The Aji’s

Sugar Rush Peach

Find out about all the different types of Sugar Rush Peach Peppers. They all fall under the capsicum-baccatum family. The Sugar Rush come from the UK and is very sweet with citrus tones.

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